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After reading Chapters 4 and 5, answer the questions below. Please, consider in your responses the terminology learned from reading the chapters. Exercises: 1. The management-research question hierarchy process of sequential question formulation leads a manager or researcher from a management dilemma to investigative questions. Pick one situation you are facing now in the workplace and apply the management-research question hierarchy in that situation. 2. Go to page 131 and pick one of the Government Statistics websites. Surf into the chosen website and select a topic of your interest, then prepare a brief report of 500 words based on your findings from analyzing data related to the topic. Be creative. Do not include the questions in your submission, only include your answers to avoid having a high percentage of similarity with external sources. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. This assignment must be 100% original; otherwise, your work will be considered invalid.PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE APA STYLE AND CITE YOUR TEXTBOOK!