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Writing for an Audience:
Imagine that you recently had a car accident and you were partially responsible.  Imagine how you might tell the story differently if you were telling your friends about what happened. How might this version be different from the one you tell the insurance company? What details would you emphasize? Are there some details you might tell your friends that you might not emphasize or even mention at all in your letter to the insurance company? Would the order in which you told the various details be different? 
For this assignment, you will write two pieces of correspondence. First,  a quick text message to your best friend about the car accident. Second, a one-page letter to your insurance company. Show that you understand how you would write differently for these two different audiences. 
At the bottom of the assignment, explain what is different and why.  What changed for each audience?
1. Fake text to a friend
2. Letter to your insurance company
3. Short paragraph explaining what changed in your writing depending on the audience
Submit as one Word file. This should be roughly 1-2 pages at most.